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“We all deserve to thrive.” –Christine

Christine Kelly is a values-driven Democrat running for State Representative in North Carolina’s 37th House District. A proud resident of Holly Springs since 1992, she continues to work tirelessly toward positive changes for Southern Wake County because we all deserve to thrive. Christine is the daughter of small business owners and a STEM professional, prior Town Councilwoman of 4 years, prior mayoral candidate, and devoted wife and mother.

Growing up in a small, interconnected town in Canada, Christine learned that everyone is your neighbor and that you look out for your neighbors. She came to America for a love story, married and raised her children here, and has maintained her inclusive small town values while watching Holly Springs grow. She is particularly attached to this area because, as a girl in Canada, her parents’ home and small business were destroyed in a fire. The family lost everything and had to start over. Holly Springs is the first home that has grounded Christine since the fire, and she loves it dearly.

Christine Kelly understands her district’s makeup and concerns. She sees how Holly Springs and Fuquay-Varina have grown at the expense of existing Black communities and prioritizes educating newcomers about the area’s irreplaceable roots. For young families moving in to build their lives, she is concerned about the lack of diversity in home choices, high cost of living, and underfunded schools and knows the urgent need for innovation and modernization that other Wake County towns have achieved. When, on the Town Council, she was approving new businesses to come to the area, a business’ commitment to the environment and to diversity, equity, and inclusion were her main litmus tests. Being a data-driven STEM professional has directly supported her solutions for problems that the community is facing. As Town Councilwoman, she created successful case studies for the Council to use to improve the treatment of residents and address ethics violations that Christine herself had reported.

Undergirding all of Christine’s public service is her commitment to elevating one’s ability to have a good life. As a daughter to parents who had to start their financial lives all over again, a dedicated wife and mother, a community member with inclusive small town values since childhood, and a prior Town Councilwoman, she knows to her core that every person deserves properly funded education for their kids and a clean and healthy environment. Everyone deserves healthcare, voting rights and fair elections, a minimum wage at the least, and freedom from discrimination and marginalization. Christine Kelly is a true Democrat, and she is your neighbor and Candidate for State Representative of North Carolina’s 37th House District.